Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Math Trade Games Update

I met Friendless in the city for a coffee and a handover of a couple of games for me from the recent math trade. The reason Friendless is getting the games is because he volunteered to be our Queensland central postage point for interstate deliveries. This time it was San Juan from BGG user Tyndal and Dungeonquest from BGG user mr_lunch. Tyndal and mr_lunch are fellow Aussie gamers from the state of South Australia.

San Juan and Dungeonquest

When I arrived home I fully expected to have a parcel waiting for me. This was the one a courier company had not delivered on Friday because I wasn't home at the time. I'd rung the courier company on Friday evening and they'd promised to redeliver it on Monday. I tried calling them this afternoon but by the time I rang their office they were shut. I'm hoping it will now come tomorrow.

On a brighter note I received an email from Friendless this evening that some of my other games had arrived today. He'll be able to drop off Metro, Die Mauer and Tutankhamen to me tomorrow.

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