Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Great Boxing Afternoon

I went over to Friendless' house this arvo to help him with boxing up all the games from Queensland BGGers ready to be sent interstate as part of the recent Australian board game Math Trade.

When I arrived there were already board games in three large piles to be sent to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. I added my games to the piles and then we got stuck into the packing.

Trying to fit games of various dimensions into the ready-made Australia Post mailing boxes was almost a puzzle in itself. We succeeded in packing the majority of games into pre-made boxes with plenty of packing beads for protection.

All was fine until we got to the games we were sending to Adelaide. My massive HeroQuest and Mikey's large Tannhauser just wouldn't fit into any of the mailing boxes we had. Luckily I'd brought over some flattened large cardboard boxes and a Stanley knife. A few slashes here and a few bends there and we soon had a custom-made box for these larger games.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos but Friendless has posted some on his blog here.

Oh yeah, I was also entertained with some cool magic tricks by Friendless' son, Harley22. Thanks Harley!

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