Monday, May 12, 2008

Math trade results!

Well, the first BGG Australian math trade results have been posted! I had 20 game lots up for trade and ended up trading 10 of them so that's a 50% success rate (which is higher than I expected!). And the other good news is that three of my games can be given directly to local Brisbane gamers thus saving on postage. As we only traded for games we wanted I'm obviously very happy with the results.

Here's how I went (all images from BoardGameGeek):

My Hare and Tortoise + Schnipp Schnapp + Rally traded for Wings of War - Burning Drachens - I'm a big Blue Max fan and doubted I could find a more enjoyable game in this genre but the WWI aircraft combat game Wings of War has been getting a lot of favourable reviews. This is the third instalment of the Wings of War collection, Burning Drachens, and has rules for solo play. I have my own WWI aircraft miniatures to use with the cards that come with this game. Looking forward to trying this.

My HeroQuest traded for San Juan - I've played San Juan only twice before but it didn't initially grab me. However, it does have a lot of good reviews and my geekbuddies rate it highly. I suspected that I had not fully explored the potential of this game so that's the reason I put it fairly high on my want list. I'm sure the reason for not being overly impressed in these first couple of games was due to my unfamiliarity with the card combinations. I'm pleased that I'll now have the opportunity to more fully explore this card game which is based on the number one rated board game on BGG, Puerto Rico.

My Sumo! traded for Dungeonquest - This copy was missing some tiles but I purposely listed it on my want list simply because I needed to replace a couple of components on my own copy and didn't want to trade one of my better games for it. As it was incomplete I suspected no one else would be interested. Yes, I already have a copy of Dungeonquest but the combat tiles are colour scans I had to create when they were missing from second-hand copy I bought several years ago. It was also missing one of the plastic life markers so I'll be able to replace that as well.

My Terrace traded for King Me! - This looks like a fun bluffing/deduction game that can take from 2 - 6 players.

My huge Car Wars lot traded for Um Reifenbreite - The winner of the 1992 Spiel Des Jahres award and a game I've had on my wishlist for years! I'd always considered trying to get a copy from Germany but the high cost of postage put me off. I like racing games and this is apparently one of the finest. Can't wait to get this.

My Midway traded for Die Mauer + Tutankhamen - Two interesting fillers which can each take up to six players.

My Circus Maximus traded for Tigris & Euphrates (in shrink) - I was very pleased with this trade result. Although I've only played one game of T&E (and didn't really know what I was doing) I recognise the gaming goodness of this Knizia-designed classic which is ranked number 4 on BGG. I've rated this game a 6 (out of 10) from my initial play but I want to understand this game, play it, appreciate it, and rank it as it deserves. Now I'll have my chance.

My Balloon Cup traded for Metro - This 2-6 player tile-laying game looks very interesting.

My Loopin' Louie traded for Clash of the Gladiators - I've read a lot of historical books on gladiators and the Roman games so I couldn't resist this one. I'm not sure it's one of the best games but it's a Knizia so it can't be too bad.

My Star Wars: Star Warriors traded for Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers - I like Carcassonne and this one looks like it may be fun to try as a different Carc flavour.

All in all I'm very pleased with the results of my first math trade.

The games I also wanted but missed out on were: Space Hulk, Battlelore, Tikal, Ticket To Ride: Europe, Mystery of the Abbey, Palazzo, Clans, Ra, Jambo, Attika, Elfenland, Lord of the Rings: Friends & Foes, High Society, Tongiaki, Kahuna, Saboteur, Aton, Elk Fest and Formula Motor Racing. Still, there was no way I would have got them all and I've VERY happy with what I did get!

Now, I'm off to arrange for my games to be posted to their lucky recipients.


Friendless said...

I'm glad you mentioned this... I seem to have traded away the copy of High Society that I loaned to you :sheepish:.

Ozvortex said...

That's ok. I appreciated the opportunity to playtest them. I was just about to contact you to return them so that's perfect timing. And I'll be able to give you Terrace which you won from me in the math trade.

Fraser Anderson said...

sweet. I always wanted to try sumo! out, I wish I had realized you were getting rid of it!