Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Math Trade Games!

Well it certainly feels like Xmas with all of my games from the recent math trade starting to roll in. This morning I met Friendless to receive some more games. This time it was Die Mauer, Tutankhamen and Metro. These were all from BGG user gmcnish.

You may remember a courier company had tried to deliver a satchel to me last Friday and I'd arranged for it to be redelivered on Monday. Well I called them this morning to see why they hadn't redelivered it yesterday as they'd promised. They apologised for not delivering it and made a commitment to redeliver it to me today. Sure enough, the package was waiting for me when I arrived home from work. I was very excited to find it contained Tigris & Euphrates from BGG user nnf1.

Today's haul!

I've found this math trade to be a lot of fun so far. But the fun doesn't end here. I still have three more games to receive.

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