Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 65

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (AKA Grandma) and six year old daughter (AKA Maddie). Maddie chose our first game which was my home-made copy of Diamant.

Maddie always likes to set up the laminated colour page which represents the camp in front of the five caves. She chose the purple pawn, Grandma chose red and I chose green. Maddie grabbed the pawns and then allocated them to the tents on the board. Maddie got the biggest tent, Grandma was given the next biggest, and with an evil chuckle she allocated Daddy (me) to the smallest, crappiest tent on the board.

I was banished to the smallest tent by Maddie. At least she didn't give me the hammock...

Of course all this has nothing to do with the game whatsoever and was just a bit of pre-game fun and roleplaying. The board is more for show and isn't really necessary as the game is all about the playing of the cards.

I tried playing fairly conservatively. By round three I was tied on points with Maddie with Grandma languishing far behind. On the fourth round I had the opportunity to head back to camp after two warning cards had been revealed and with five rubies to collect. Unfortunately, Grandma also decided to go back at the same time so I my potential gain of 5 rubies was reduced to only 2 due to having to share. Maddie was left alone to explore further into the cave. The next card she turned over was a 15 point card. She wisely headed back to camp to gain a clear lead.

Fourth cave with 3 rubies and one warning card displayed

The fifth and final cave was a bit of an anti-climax with two warning cards of the same colour being drawn fairly close in succession. Maddie won the game with 30 points, myself in 2nd place with 14 points and Grandma 3rd with only 4 points.

Our next game was the Da Vinci Code Game, although I prefer to call it my its original title Coda.

Me about to lose my final two black tiles

This is a great little deduction game and Maddie is getting to be quite good at it. In previous games I've assisted her now and again on how to deduce what tiles may be where and to use the information available to her from what she can see and hear. Sometimes you can get clues from questions other players may ask.

We played two games. Grandma won the first and Maddie won the second.

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