Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 88

My Mum dropped over on Saturday morning for a cup of tea and a chat. We also had the opportunity for a quick game together.

Our game of choice this morning was a 2-player game of San Juan, a game we'd not played since July 2008. I had a fairly poor draw for my initial hand, receiving no production buildings except for the requisite Indigo Plant. Mum was able to get a Coffee Roaster down straight away and soon built a Carpenter which gave her the ability to build violet buildings and take a card from the draw pile when she did so. She concentrated on building cheap violet buildings and before I knew it she had ended the game with her twelfth. A last-minute building of a Guild hall secured the victory for her. She won 26 to 22.

My final play area

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