Saturday, February 21, 2009

Orcs Ready to Paint

It took me about two hours to select the orc figures for my warband, remove any flash or mould lines, wash the miniatures, do some minor weapon conversions and then glue them to Popsicle sticks ready for painting.

I used to mount the figures on a single Popsicle stick but found it hard to hold while painting. I now glue five Popsicle sticks together and mount the figures on these. I find that the thicker base is a much more stable platform and it is easier to grasp and manipulate.

I use a small dab of PVA glue (AKA white glue or wood glue) to glue the figures. This type of glue dries clear and has a very slight flex when hard. When I've finished painting it's a simple matter of just sliding a blade under the base of the miniature and giving a slight twist. The miniature just pops straight off.

OK, these bad boys are now ready to receive an undercoat.


intricor said...

When I paint my figures, I hot glue the bases to the top of old fashioned clothes pins. These pins are the one piece type, not the hinged type. The figures hot glue in moments and the pins make it real easy to manipulate the figures. I buy a large container of "Poppy cock" from the store. It comes in a large circular tin. I crimp the top to the wall of the tin and the clothes pins slip over the can. Now I can paint 12 figures at a time while only taking up the space of the tin.

Ozvortex said...

Hi Chris. That's a great idea! I think I'll use it for my next painting project. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Wayne.