Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Painted Evil Human Warband

You may remember a post of mine last month where I showed some pictures of some 15mm miniatures I'd selected as my first Song of Blades and Heroes warband. Well, the good news is that I've finished painting and basing them. Unfortunately, I don't know what company produced these miniatures or what range they are from.

Human Leader

Human Leader x 1
Points cost: 60
Quality 3+
Combat 3
Special abilities: Leader

This figure is of a bare-headed, armoured man holding a large two-handed sword. The most striking feature is a boars head covering his right arm and shoulder. It appears to be some sort of combination shield/armour/livery. He looks particularly evil.

Human Warriors

Human Warriors x 6
Points cost: 30 each
Quality: 3+
Combat: 3
Special abilities: None

These armoured humans are all advancing holding two-handed swords. They have fully enclosed helms and plate mail armour. They are zealous and willing to die for their leader.

Ogre Warrior

Ogre Warrior x 1
Points cost: 50
Quality: 4+
Combat: 4
Special abilities: Big, Long Move

This ogre is wearing an animal skin and wielding a large tree limb with a huge metal spike through the end of it. I'm assuming this ogre has either somehow been enslaved or ensorcelled by the human leader, or is perhaps voluntarily working with him because he gets to eat any of the vanquished foes of this warband.

The Warband

Total Warband cost: 290 points

I think it would be fun to at least give the leader and the ogre names. I'd also like to write up a little bit of a back story for this warband and give it a name as well. This will add a little bit of roleplaying spice to future games.

Now to start working on my next warband.

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