Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Minute Orc Conversion

My orc warband was sitting there ready to be undercoated and something that had bothered me earlier kept eating at me. The orc I'd chosen to be the leader of the warband just wasn't as leader-like as I'd wanted. I mean just look at him. His sword is dragging in the dirt and he's got one fist raised in the air like he's shouting "Go get 'em, boys! I'll just stay here while you deal with the enemy." Pretty uninspiring.


Luckily, I'd kept some weapons from other figures I'd converted in the past. I found a suitably nasty looking axe and then drilled out the orc's raised fist. It was then just a simple matter of gluing the weapon in the hole.


With that vicious blade in his upraised arm he looks much more defiant and commanding. Now that's a leader I would be proud to have command my orc warband!

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