Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 89

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (AKA Grandma) and 7 year old daughter (AKA Maddie).

Our first game of the morning was Cartagena. Maddie set up the board and I went first. I was green, Grandma was yellow and Maddie was red. Grandma won with 6 pirates in the boat, I came 2nd with 2 (on tie break) and Maddie came 3rd with 2.


Maddie chose our second game of the morning. Jenga is a fun dexterity game that we play occasionally. We managed to get the tower up to level 24 before Grandma sent it crashing to the ground. As I was the last player to successfully place a piece, I won.

Grandma gently eases out a Jenga block

Maddie chose our next game, For Sale. Maddie usually does quite well at this game. However, today I was the one who best managed the bidding to my gain. Final scores were me, Wayne 1st with $76K, Grandma 2nd on $67K (on tie break) and Maddie 3rd also on $67K.

For Sale

Our final game of the morning, Pick Picknic, was also chosen by Maddie. This is a great little game which children can play quite well with adults. I won with 67 points, Maddie came 2nd with 54 and Grandma came 3rd with 27 points.

Pick Picknic

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