Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some New Games Arrive!

A package arrived for me in the mail today (I love when this happens). You see, in an effort to stimulate the global economy I've recently purchased some new board games (yeah, yeah, I know, I'll use any excuse to buy games).

A box full of goodies for me

Military Simulations recently had an overstock sale. I was able to get some discounted games that I'd wanted for a while (as well as one that I bought simply because it was good value).

In the box were a couple of expansions for one of my favourite games - Memoir '44. The first was a recent expansion from Days of Wonder for Memoir '44 which was the Mediterranean Theater. The Mediterranean Theater expansion covers WWII scenarios in North Africa and introduces figures for the British Army. The second expansion was Operation Overlord which allows the game to be played with up to 8 players. I already have two copies of the base game but this expansion has two decks of specially designed cards for Overlord play, a set of 8 dice and 178 tokens, not to mention an updated Overlord rules booklet.

The goodies

Another game I got was Red November. This is a cooperative game by Bruno Faidutti and Jef Gontier that I've had on my radar ever since I first read about it last year on Boardgame News. It sounds like a really fun game of a style that I would enjoy. Players play as Russian gnomes trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine. They have exactly 60 minutes before they're rescued but in that time have to contend with fires, leaks, failing critical systems and the dreaded Kraken. Although it states 2-8 players on the box, I'm aware it can be played solo by just playing a team of gnomes yourself.

The last game was one I didn't really have any desire to buy previously, but bought simply because it was such good value at only AU$20. Nexus Ops has quite good reviews on Boardgamegeek and as it is a cool sci-fi wargame that plays 2-4 players I thought it was worth adding to my collection.

So there you go. I'm currently basking in that 'I have new games' feeling of happiness.

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