Friday, May 18, 2007

Angus McBride

I was saddened to read over at The Miniatures Page that acclaimed and highly respected military and fantasy artist Angus McBride had died of a heart attack, aged 76, on Tuesday 15 May 2007. I came to know and appreciate his artwork through my research into historical armies and warfare.

Angus McBride

Angus McBride's artwork in the Osprey Men-at-Arms series has certainly inspired my interest in military history from ancient times onwards and also given me enthusiasm for painting miniatures for wargames. You can see a list of all his Osprey work here. He was also well-known for his illustrations for Iron Crown Enterprises' game Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP).

Last night I went through all the books in my collection to find ones that contain artwork by Angus McBride. As you can see in the image below, I have quite a few. If there was artwork by Angus McBride it was certainly an incentive for me to buy the book.

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