Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 18

My Mum (Grandma to our kids) arrived this morning for her weekly Saturday visit. As it was Mother's Day on Sunday we got her a bouquet of lovely yellow roses and she also got some extra cuddles from her granddaughters.

Deb's Dad (Dah to our kids) also dropped around for a cup of tea this morning. Maddie soon arranged a game of Pass the Pigs with Dah while we all watched. Dah kept 'pigging-out' which meant Maddie eventually went on to win.

After that, Maddie went to the shops with Deb and Dah while I watched Georgia with Grandma. After Georgie went down for a nap Grandma and I pulled out the Scrabble board. We agreed that if a word was challenged and was found to be invalid we would be allowed to play a different word but this would only be allowed once per turn.

I went first after selecting an A to Mum's P.

Turn 1 [Me] ZIP 24, [Mum] Q(I) 21

Turn 2 [Me] (P)UN 5, [Mum] BA(N)E 12

Turn 3 [Me] (U)M/M(E)ET 16, [Mum] (T)ACK 20

Turn 4 [Me] (TACK)Y/YETI 28, [Mum] W(I)GS 36

Turn 5 [Me] (B)IN 5, [Mum] BAR(K) 10

Turn 6 [Me] OVE(N) 14, [Mum] SIE(V)E 8

Turn 7 [Me] FEEL/ES/LI 20, [Mum] TI(E) 9

Turn 8 [Me] (MEET)ING 11, [Mum] JU(G) 33

Turn 9 [Me] SAU(T)E 5, [Mum] (B)OAT 7

Turn 10 [Me] CI(T)Y 27, [Mum] WIN(S) 11

Turn 11 [Me] (S)TROP 14, [Mum] (F)OX 13

Turn 12 [Me] MIGH(T) 22, [Mum] (G)ALL 10

Turn 13 [Me] (M)OUtHED 39, [Mum] (E)AR 4

Turn 14 [Me] (R)OOF 8, [Mum] (SAUTE)D 7

Turn 15 [Me] O(F)TEN 12, [Mum] (SIEVE)D 10

Turn 16 [Me] (L(E)AN 8, [Mum] (BIN)DS 10

Turn 17 [Me] s(OFTEN)/sEA 11

I had used all my letters and Mum was left with R, R, R and V for minus 7 points. I got to add those points to my score. I felt I played a fairly ordinary game with Mum leading me in points for the first 12 turns. Final scores were [Me] 276 and [Mum] 214. I averaged 16.23 points per turn.

Probably the most obscure words I played were UM (an expression of doubt or hesitation), ES (the letter S), LI (a Chinese unit of distance), SAUTE (to fry in a small amount of fat), and STROP (to sharpen on a strip of leather).

Grandma left just as Deb, Dah & Maddie arrived home. Dah soon left and then Deb had to get Maddie ready to go to a friend's birthday party that afternoon. That left me and 15-month-old Georgia home alone for the rest of the afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised this evening after the kids were in bed when Deb suggested a game of Scrabble. I gladly accepted and Deb went first after selecting an E to my P.

Turn 1[Deb] WHORE 24, [Me] WHA(R)F 28

Turn 2 [Deb] NO(W) 6, [Me] OVE(N) 10

Turn 3 [Deb] T(H)ONG 11, [Me] (G)OAT 10

Turn 4 [Deb](H)OUSE, [Me] ZINC/C(OVEN) 55

Turn 5 [Deb] S(T)AMP 18, [Me] J(E)STED 42

Turn 6 [Deb] (S)aI(D) 6, [Me] (O)F 13

Turn 7 [Deb] KIT(E) 9, [Me] (P)ITY 18

Turn 8 [Deb] DI(N)G/G(O) 17, [Me] E(Y)E 18

Turn 9 [Deb] (D)RAPE 11, [Me] LEN(DING) 11

Turn 10 [Deb] G(L)AD 12, [Me] RI(N)G 6

Turn 11 [Deb] YOU(R) 21, [Me] QUESt/(DRAPE)S 78

Turn 12 [Deb] (GO(B) 6, [Me] (I)NTO 6

Turn 13 [Deb] RI(P)ER 8, [Me] B(O)L(D) 10

Turn 14 [Deb] (A)XE 10, [Me] D(I)VA 10

Turn 15 [Deb] (B)EAM 24, [Me] (O)IL 4

Turn 16 [Deb] CUL(L) 6, [Me] A(A) 4

Turn 17 [Deb] (O)R(E)/(A)R 5

Deb had used all her letters and I was left with an A and an I for minus 2 points. Deb got to add those points to her score. Final scores were [Me] 321 and [Deb] 206. I averaged 18.82 points per turn.

I was most pleased by my play on turn 11 for 78 points which is my highest-ever points score on a single turn.

Probably the most obscure words I played were COVEN (a group of witches), DIVA (a distinguished female operatic singer), and AA (a rough, cindery lava).

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