Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rules For Old West Gunfights

This entry is in response to a comment left by Fraser on my April 26 entry about some old west buildings I had made as terrain for a miniatures game. Rather than reply to Fraser's comment there I thought I would make a new blog entry. Fraser asked what game I was using these western minis for.

Sadly, I haven't actually used my western miniatures in a game yet. I'm still in the planning and construction phase with lots more miniatures and buildings to paint and construct. I do, however, have several different sets of rules for gaming with western miniatures.

The rules I have are:

Boot Hill 2nd Edition - TSR

Boot Hill 3rd Edition - TSR

Gunfight! - Flagship Games

Gunfighters, Gamblers and Villains of the Old West - Dixon Miniatures

The Rules With No Name - Bryan Ansell (the link is for a pdf of the free rules)

Having read all these rules I think I'll probably choose either Gunfight! or The Rules With No Name for a wild west game where each player is controlling a small group of gunfighters.

There are quite a number of sets of rules available for old west gaming. Check out this link for a fairly comprehensive list.


Fraser Anderson said...

Ahhh boot hill.

You are dating yourself severely if you bought that game new.

Sadly, I am of the same era. I never bought Boot hill, but I do own Top Secret SI, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, and of course the D&D Expert set...

how I loved colouring in my dice with a white crayon.

Ozvortex said...

Yes, I bought Boot Hill new.

I also have Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Gangbusters, most of the early TSR RPGs. I remember seeing an ad for Star Frontiers in an early Dragon magazine and buying it when it first became available. We played it and Knight Hawks for ages. Good times...

Oh, those dice! I still have them. They were really poor quality plastic weren't they? Mine are mostly chipped now but I still have them for sentimental reasons.