Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Scrabble Bag

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'd purchased a game accessory. Well, now I can reveal it was a Deluxe Tile Bag for Scrabble. I've recently enjoyed playing Scrabble with my wife and mother so I thought a decent bag would be nice.

Deluxe embroidered bag to enhance your Scrabble set. Cloth bag features sewn 'stand-up' base for ease of use.

The benefit of a rounded base is that there are no corners in which a tile could get stuck. Having a bag to draw tiles from is far more preferential than selecting them from face-down tiles in a box. Although we did have a cloth bag previously, it was actually the bag I'd had for my copy of Carcassonne. Now we have a dedicated bag for our Scrabble tiles.

I bought it from Myer in the city for $9.95. It was also available at Mind Games in the Myer Centre but they were charging $19.99 for it.

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