Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Get Vomitted On Twice! (er...Make That Three Times!)

My Mum didn't come over this morning for her weekly visit and gaming session. It was probably for the best as little 16 month old Georgia wasn't feeling well. My wife, Deb, and our 5 year old daughter, Maddie, were out all morning helping Deb's Dad with his garage sale while I stayed home to look after Georgia.

After giving Georgie a bottle I was sitting with her on my lap watching TV. Next thing I know she's vomiting all over me. After settling her and removing her clothes I notice that she's got spew in her hair and all over her arm. So I run a bath, get her cleaned up and then put her in fresh clothes.

She seemed to be a bit more herself after that. She ate morning tea at about 10.00am and after that went down for a nap. I took the opportunity to soak my spew-covered shorts and shirt, have a shower and change into some fresh clothes.

Georgia woke up about 11.30am crying. I sat down with her to give her a cuddle and switched on the TV. Five minutes later she vomits all over my front again! She's crying, I stand up and carry her to the bathroom, one arm holding her and the other arm across my middle trying to prevent the vomit from running down my shirt and splattering all over the floor.

Another bath for Georgia and another change of clothes for us both. Luckily, my wife arrived home about this time to give some assistance. Some medicine and a little bit of TLC from Mum, Dad and her big sister and Georgia's feeling a little better this afternoon.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

[EDIT] 8.05pm - My wife was helping Maddie clean her room when we heard Georgia start crying from her cot in her room. I went in to check on why she'd woken up and found that she felt a little hot. I picked her up and was taking her to my wife to suggest some more medicine when - you guessed it - Georgia upchucks all over me again. That's THREE TIMES today! And as it was a couple of hours after her dinner this vomit had the most volume of all three. Now I've been spewed on before by my kids, but three times in one day has gotta be a new record.

Hopefully this is one of those 24-hour bugs our kids occasionally get. After another bath, a fresh set of clothes, some medicine and a cuddle Georgia soon fell asleep. I bet you she will be fine tomorrow morning and I'll be sick for the next week ;)

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