Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Shall Return

I’ve been aware for some time (through my reading of military history) that General Douglas MacArthur was based in Brisbane during part of World War II. I decided to go in search of the building in which he had his offices. My internet search revealed that the building (now known as MacArthur Chambers) is located on the corner of Edward and Queen streets in the city. So I ducked out of the office at morning tea today to have a look.

There is a plaque on the corner of the building which states that MacArthur had his offices on the 8th floor. There is a museum there now. I caught the elevator to the 8th floor to have a look. A museum staff member at the counter was quite helpful with my enquiries. It was $5.00 to enter. I told him I was only here for a brief look as I had to get back to work, but asked him if I could take photos of the exhibits when I did come back. He replied that it was ok to take photographs. He also informed me it would take a good hour to see all the exhibits and gave me a brochure to take away with me. This is what it said:


Discover a part of Queensland’s military heritage and visit the restored offices of General Douglas MacArthur, the Commander in Chief Allied Forces, South West Pacific Area. The MacArthur Museum Brisbane presents a story of Brisbane at War during 1942 – 1944, a crucial period in Australia’s history.

Meet MacArthur – the General and family man – through displays of his early life and he and his family’s escape to Australia from the Phillipines. Experience life in Brisbane during the dark days of War and see daily stories through the eyes of The Courier-Mail newspaper.

View the very table where General MacArthur and his staff planned the South West-Pacific battles and his famous, ‘I shall return’ campaign for the recapture of the Philippines. See stories of Brisbane’s unique history and the alliance between Australia and America, whose value is very much in evidence today.

I told the staff member I would like to come back when I had more time and as I was leaving my last words to him were "I shall return". I don’t think he got it.


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