Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 86

Mum (AKA Grandma) dropped around for a cup of tea and a chat this morning. For the last month or so I've been taping Long Way Down which is currently on TV on Wednesday evenings on SBS, and Mum and I have been watching it together on Saturday mornings. After that we've either been playing the Wii or some board games.

Our first game of the morning was DVONN. This is a really enjoyable abstract game and part of the GIPF Project by Kris Burm. Grandma was white and I was black. I was in control and clearly winning for the majority of the game. However, in the last few moves of the game, Grandma was able to make a comeback and win 28 to 16.

DVONN - Yes, we realised the pieces were upside down half-way through the game.

Our second, and final, game of the morning was another in the GIPF series - ZERTZ. This is another really cool game and is also quite stunning to look at. I won by capturing four white marbles. Final score was me with 2 Black, 1 Grey and 4 White, while Grandma had 3 Black, 3 Grey and 1 White.


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