Monday, January 12, 2009

Picked Up Some Hobby Supplies

My holidays are nearing an end (sigh) and it's back to work for me on Wednesday.

I took my 7 year old daughter, Maddie, with me to visit the local hobby shop, Hobbyrama at 480 Stafford Road at Stafford, this morning. I'm pretty lucky to have this large hobby shop within 10 minutes drive of my home.

The purpose of my visit was to pick up some essential supplies. For a start I'd run out of blades for my craft knife and needed to get some replacements. I'd also recently broken a mini drill bit I'd bought many years ago for drilling out the hands of 15mm miniatures (to replace weapons). The drill bit was just the right size to also drill out the gun barrels of 25mm miniatures to make them look more realistic.

Now these drill bits are tiny, so tiny that their width is measured in microns. They attach to an instrument called a pin vice which holds the bit in place and allows you to just drill with the pressure and rotation of your fingertips.

I spoke to one of the staff and we located just the size drill bit I was after. He told me it was $4.50. He then mentioned that they sold a set of 20 drill bits of different sizes (including the size I was after) in a pack for $16.95. As I'd always wanted a wider variety of drill bits I purchased the 20 piece set because it was better value. I also picked up a pack of blades for my craft knife.

There was an aquarium shop next door and Maddie wanted to have a look. They had both tropical and marine fish for sale. Maddie was particularly excited when she saw some real live Nemo fish (Clownfish).

Seeing all those aquariums brought back memories for me of when I had an aquarium in my bedroom as a teenager. I had the aquarium for several years and was quite into the hobby. What shocked me most wandering around the store this morning was the price of the tropical fish. For example, a fish I would have paid a couple of dollars for twenty-five years ago is now selling for around $30-$40 each!

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