Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last Man on Earth

I watched The Last Man on Earth (1964) recently. ABC1 will often show old films late at night and this was one that I'd recorded to watch when I had some spare time.

Vincent Price stars as Dr Robert Morgan, a man having to face life alone after finding himself the only survivor of a devastating world-wide plague. As night falls zombie/vampire-like plague victims leave their shelters and roam the countryside looking for blood. During the day Dr Morgan seeks out the plague victims in their hiding places to drive a wooden stake through their hearts and then transport their bodies to a quarry for cremation.

This bleak vision of an apocalyptic world is based on the Richard Matheson novel I am Legend, as are the films The Omega Man (1971) and I am Legend (2007), neither of which I've yet seen.

Look out for The Last Man on Earth on late-night TV, it's a good zombie film and one worth seeing at least once.

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