Thursday, January 22, 2009

Listening to Podcasts

One of the joys of being a new owner of an MP3 player is being able to download and listen to podcasts whenever and wherever you want. I broke in the iPhone last night by downloading a couple of episodes of Meeples & Miniatures, a podcast about miniature wargames and strategy boardgames. What a pleasure to be able to listen to a podcast like this on my way to and from work. I even listened while I ate my lunch.

There are also several other podcasts that I'm keen to download. Not only that, the iPhone can also play videos so I've been able to download videos from YouTube to watch. How cool is that!


Ken Lee said...

Listening to podcasts can become quite addictive. Soon you'll be listen to a multitude of different ones.

Ozvortex said...

Hi Ken,
I can see it can become addictive. Any recommendations?

Ken Lee said...

I like:

Dave and Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentlemen. It's an anime and videogame based podcast. But it's their often vulgar, often irreverent humour that keeps me tuning in.

Point 2 Point. It's a wargame podcast that seems to have taken a short break in the past couple of months. But their previous episodes are really quite good.

12 Byzantine Rulers. I've never heard this one myself, but it's supposed to be quite good. It's a historical podcast.