Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 87

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (AKA Grandma) and 7 year old daughter (AKA Maddie).

The first game of the morning was played by Grandma and I. YINSH is an abstract game and is part of the GIPF project by Kris Burm. I was white and went first. Grandma was leading in score during most of the game but I managed to eventually grab the win with three rings to two.

Our next game was another two-player between Grandma and I. Battle Line is an enjoyable card game by Reiner Knizia. Grandma led first and went on to win our first game with an envelopment of 5 flags to 4 flags.

I led first in our second game, coming back strong to take the win with a breakthrough, 3 flags to 2 flags.

Maddie joined us for the final game of the morning. Risk Express is another game designed by Reiner Knizia. In this game players roll dice to try and match symbols to claim cards representing territories. I quite enjoy this game for a bit of dice rolling fun.

Maddie took an early lead by claiming Australia. We each claimed a couple of unclaimed territories from the middle of the table. There was then a bit of back and forth fighting over already claimed territories with Grandma coming off the worst. Final scores were me, Wayne 18, Maddie 15 and Grandma 2.

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