Monday, January 08, 2007

An Arrival of Reinforcements

I arrived home this afternoon to find a parcel waiting for me. Don't you love it when that happens? It was a package of 53 x 15mm medieval English archers I'd won on eBay on Xmas Eve. Including postage, they only cost me AU$10.50 which works out to around AU$0.20 per miniature. This is less than a third of the price I'd have to pay if I bought them new, maybe a quarter of the price if you factor in postage as well.
So what project in 15mm scale am I working on that would require archers? Well, I've been thinking about using the BattleLore rules for a miniatures game in 15mm scale. I'm considering creating a hexed battlemat large enough for Epic adventures with 3d terrain instead of cardboard terrain tiles. I've got enough medieval knights and swordsmen in 15mm scale to produce a couple of BattleLore armies but I was short on archers. This package of reinforcements now solves that problem.
If I don't end up using them for this BattleLore project then they'll definitely find positions in a De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) medieval army. Or perhaps I may convert them into Elven archers for a Lord of the Rings, Hordes of the Things (HOTT) army (hmmm...that ryhmes!). Only time will tell.
Here is a picture of the miniatures. I'm not sure what company made them.


Jay Emm said...

Hi from Canada,
Your Blog reminded me so much of my good ol' days of war-gaming. My 'play mates' now all dead or left the country, used to play the Napoleonic battles complete with thousands of hand painted soldiers of all the armies. We laid out our 16 x 8 foot table in Gord's basement and went at it all night every monday. Our wives gave up on us as totally isane, but we had great fun, didn't actually kill anyone..came close a few times..
We drank Napoleonic beverages...mainly cheap brandy and imported beer then Gord's wife Dinnie would arrive just before midnight with a great plate of food, then left us to it.
Thanks for the memory and good luck mate.

Ozvortex said...

Thanks for sharing that, Jay. Sounds like some good times you've had. Glad you enjoyed reading my posts and that it brought back some fond memories.
Cheers, Wayne.