Friday, January 19, 2007


This is a 1/300 scale SPAD that I use with the Blue Max rules. It is from Irregular Miniatures 6mm World War I Aircraft range and has the code GWP8. The model itself is only about 2.5cm (1 inch) in length. I painted it in the colour scheme of a SPAD XIII flown by Capt Eddie Rickenbacker, 94th Aero Squadron in 1918. (source - Norman Franks, American Aces 1914 - 1918 - Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No. 55, 2001). The 94th were also known as the 'Hat in the Ring' squadron and sported the famous Uncle Sam's 'Hat-in-Ring' insignia on all their aircraft.

This particular aircraft was painted in a camouflaged pattern and was marked with a white '1' on the fuselage and upper wing. Rickenbacker's aircraft also had blue wheel covers with a white star and a red center circle. I did not have any American decals for the wings so used British roundels and painted over them in the American colours. This was quite difficult as the roundels are only about 4mm across. I didn't paint the 'Hat-in-Ring' insignia on this aircraft because at this scale it wasn't worth it.

Rickenbaker is credited with 26 victories and was the only US World War I fighter pilot to receive the Medal of Honor. He survived the war and returned to the USA to set up his own business in the motor industry and also to create an airline. He died on 27 July 1973 in Zurich, Switzerland.

You can click on the image for a closer view.

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