Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flea Market Finds - 28 Jan 07

My wife went to the local fleamarket this morning and picked up some books for me.

The German Navy 1939-1945 (Cajus Bekker, 1974 English translation) - AU$1.00
Hitler's Luftwaffe (Tony Wood & Bill Gunston, 1977) - AU$1.00
European Land Battles - 1939-1943 - The Military History of World War II - Vol 1 (Trevor Nevitt Dupuy, 1962) - AU$1.00
How Weapons Work (Christopher Chant, 1976) - AU$1.00
The Ultimate Weaponry (Paddy Griffith, 1991) - AU$1.00

I'll add these to my collection of military reference books. Over the years I've slowly been building up a small library of books, the majority of which are 2nd hand, on topics in which I am interested. Most of my books are on military history and I use them to research periods for wargaming purposes. They are also very helpful when painting uniforms or creating wargame scenarios.

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