Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BioShock 2

Today, 9 February 2010, was the world-wide release day for BioShock 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed video game BioShock. I have the original Bioshock (which is an awesome playing experience) but as I have not yet fully completed it I've made the decision to hold off on buying the sequel until I've done so. BioShock 2 will definitely be on my Xmas list (if I can wait that long).

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coljenn said...

Hi, I have Bioshock and have completed it as well. As you say a great game. I must say I had a hell of a job to get the thing to run though. When I lived in the UK I just couldn't get it to work. Then we moved to live in Austria and when I set up my computer (the same one) it worked fine....go figure!