Monday, February 08, 2010

The Saxon Stories

In my teens and twenties I was a big fiction reader, mostly fantasy and science fiction. In my thirties and now early forties I find that I lean towards reading histories and biographies (when I'm not reading game rules). I also find that as I get older I tend to read less (or maybe that's got something to do with having two little kids). These days any spare leisure time I have is usually spent listening to podcasts, surfing the Internet or indulging any of my many hobbies.

Years ago I read all of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series and his Starbuck Chronicles. I do enjoy historical fiction and Cornwell's novels have inspired me to research more about the eras in which they were set (not to mention buy several miniature wargames rules for the periods).

I've recently read some good reviews about Cornwell's The Saxon Stories and have been enticed into wanting to read the series. So today I visited the library and now have the first novel in my hands, a nice hardback of The Last Kingdom. I'm quite looking forward to reading this.

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