Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Toilet Fit For a King!

As I was recording a play of King Me! on BoardGameGeek I noticed there was a mini-expansion (of a single card) to this game entitled King Me! - The Toilet which was released in 2004. I looked on both the Mayfair Games and daVinci Games sites but couldn't find any trace of it.

I decided to make my own. I copied an image from BGG and manipulated it with the GIMP. I then printed it out and glued it onto thick card. After that I trimmed it with a craft knife and finally gave it a spray of protective gloss varnish.

Voila! One toilet fit for a King!

My home-made Toilet expansion card

The rules for this expansion state: Before each round, put the toilet next to a floor (3, 4 or 5). The toilet is a special space that you can move a character to, from that floor, instead of moving him to a higher floor. There can be only one character in the toilet at a time. A character in the toilet is still counted towards the 4 character limit for that floor. You may move a character from the toilet to the next higher floor as a normal move. If a character is in the toilet when a new king is elected, he scores only 1 point.

My home-made toilet expansion card next to the the Crown card from the base game

My home-made Toilet expansion card on the King Me! board. It blends in quite nicely!

This expansion sounds like it will add a little fun to the game. I'll try it out next time we play.

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adventurematerials said...

Now, I haven't seen this expansion, but I can't believe you did this whole post without a bunch of "royal throne" jokes. Or is that not an Australian thing?