Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gaming with Grandma - 112

Our game session this morning was at Grandma's house for a change.

We played Quicksand. This is a game in which the object is to be the first adventurer to reach the hidden temple. You use cards to move and hinder the playing pieces which represent the six adventurers. The catch is that each player is secretly assigned one adventurer at the beginning of the game as their character. You win if your character is the first player-owned character to reach the temple. If a non-player character is the first to reach the temple it is reset on its starting space.

So this is a race game where bluffing is the main tactic. Advancing only your own character is a sure way to identify it to the other players who can then play 'quicksand' cards to hinder you. Trying to identify who owns which character while at the same time trying to prevent them from guessing your own, and still trying to advance towards the temple, can be a difficult balancing act.

I played black, Grandma played yellow and Maddie played red. I did end up winning, after Maddie unknowingly helped me at times during the game. Grandma progressed quite well and didn't move her own character at all during the game!

This is a fun, light bluffing game and I'm sure it will see further plays.

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