Thursday, February 18, 2010

Modern Warfare Online Multiplayer Fun

I just reached Level 70 (the top rank prior to prestige ranking) in online multiplayer Modern Warfare 2. It may have taken me longer than others but I've been enjoying this game on an almost daily basis since I hooked up to Xbox Live back on 11 December 2009. I checked my stats of time spent playing this game online - 3 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes. That's over 93 hours so far and I have to say every single minute was FUN!

Whenever I have a spare half-hour and feel the need for some first-person shooter action I can log on to Xbox Live and get in a few quick matches of MW2. Sure, my game play sucked at first and I didn't know what I was doing, but I soon mastered the controls and with time became familiar with the maps and tactics. I play mostly Team Death Match and Free-For-All.

So why do I like playing this game online?

1) I can play against other human beings. Human beings are so much better opponents than the AI. Humans are at times both predictable and unpredictable. There is nothing better than matching wits against other live players.

2) I enjoy dexterity-based board games. Video games are the ultimate in testing your skills of hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

3) Although I've never played skirmish paintball games, I've always wanted to, and I feel MW2 (and most FPS games) would be a close electronic equivalent.

4) So many different weapons, classes, maps and tactics to explore.

5) An experience system that brings back memories of my days of roleplaying games.

The only negative for me is the lag that I experience. Lag is where what I see on screen is a fraction of a second behind what other players see. This is a symptom of connecting from Australia to games mostly hosted by North Americans.

But even with lag I do fairly well, winning the occasional game and generally placing in the top 30% of matches. I dream of lag free games but this only happens when the host is an Australian or New Zealander.

Having said that I still very much enjoy the online play for the immense FUN factor.

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Ken Lee said...

That is pretty impressive. I've only ever played MW1, and even then, never to the same extent.

If you like MW2, try the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo. I think that may be up your alley.