Monday, February 15, 2010

The Return of my Xbox 360

Sadly, on the evening of 30 January 2010, my Xbox 360 got the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RROD). This was the second time my Xbox 360 has had the RROD since I purchased it new just over two years ago in December 2007.

So I contacted Xbox Customer Support and they said they would cover the cost of postage as well as the repair. I carefully packaged my console and sent it off.

My Xbox 360 coffin ready for posting

And today, only eleven calendar days later, my Xbox 360 arrived home. Or did it?

My Xbox 360 is reborn!

A letter was enclosed with my Xbox 360.

Dear Xbox 360 Customer:

So that you can get back to playing and enjoying your Xbox 360 quicker, we have replaced your Xbox console with a replacement unit.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced by having to send your Xbox 360 in for repair.

It is our goal to provide you with the best gaming and entertainment experience possible, and hope to regain your trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

Please accept this complimentary one month Xbox Live membership card as a gesture of our appreciation to you.

Thank you for your continued support of Microsoft products and services.


Xbox Customer Support

So, I have a replacement console. They transferred my warranty registration to the replacement console and cancelled my old registration. Bear in mind, this is not a new replacement console, rather a refurbished replacement console. Still, it works and does appear to run quieter than my previous console.

So, has my trust, loyalty and satisfaction been regained? Let's just say that there better not be a RROD hat trick, OK Microsoft?

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got one that is HOPEFULLY going to work! I've been stressing my box pretty hard with Co-op Halo 3 with my wife, and we have been blessed with no RROD yet. Keeping our fingers crossed!