Thursday, February 01, 2007

Child-Proofing The Game Cabinet

Our younger daughter, Georgia, turned one year old last week so she's officially a toddler and no longer a baby. And yes, she's not only a toddler in name, she recently started walking as well. Well, walking for a few steps anyway. She's been crawling and getting around quite well for the past few months but now she's reached a new level in mobility. And a new level in furniture as well. She can now reach the handles of our family game cabinet.

So recently when my elder daughter, Maddie, yelled out "Daddy, Georgia's playing with your games!" My brain immediately flashed up an image of Georgia sitting there with all of my most expensive games surrounding her, rules ripped into a thousand pieces, boxes crushed, and her choking on a mouthful of meeples and pastel camels. Thankfully, she'd only opened the cabinet doors and was standing there with a big cheesey grin on her face.

So not wanting one of my worst nightmares to become reality I did something about it. We bought some child-proof locks and I installed them the other day. Hopefully by the time she figures out how to open them we'll have trained her to leave Daddy's games alone.

My solution - a child-proof lock, but will it work?

"Daddy's not looking so I'll just open the door and...Huh?!?"

"You may have won this round, Daddy, but I'll be back!"

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