Thursday, February 08, 2007

Star Wars Podracer - 2

Here's my second attempt at scratchbuilding a podracer. The base is 3mm thick cardboard cut to 40mm x 40mm. I have textured it with a mixture of wood glue and fine sand. The model is painted with acrylic paints and was given a couple of spray coats of clear matt varnish for protection.

The engines are primarily made from the legs off some McDonalds robotic toy. I inserted some plastic tubing down the middle of them at the back. The 'floating effect' of the repulsorlift engines was achieved by mounting the engines on thin wire a few millimetres off the base.

I also used thin wire to replicate the control cables. These are attached to both the engines and the control pod. Although the control pods in the movie all had open cockpits, in my world they're enclosed. Not only is this easier for me to model, but it makes more sense to me.

The air-intake section at the front of the engines are a couple of small caps off some paint tubes. The energy binder linking the two engines was made from a thick piece of wire. The terrain in the background was all made by me as well.

I've got three other podracers currently under construction. I'll do an entry on these shortly.

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