Thursday, February 15, 2007

Painting Project - 15mm Dwarven HOTT Army - Part 7


Priming, also known as undercoating, is an important part of the painting process as most paints have trouble adhering to bare metal. An undercoat will provide a good surface on to which your next coats of paint can attach.

What colour to use as an undercoat is up to the individual. If you are painting bright colours such as yellow, reds and whites you may decide to go with a white or grey undercoat. Colours appear brighter if painted on a light-coloured undercoat. Likewise, colours will appear more subdued and darker if painted on a black undercoat. The reason I chose to paint my dwarves with a black undercoat is because most are wearing armour. Armour is best painted black followed up with a drybrushing of silver metallic paint.

Some people will spray the undercoat on. I prefer to use a brush to paint it on so that I can get the paint into all the little nooks and crannies of the figure. I find that spray painting often misses these areas.

And here's a picture of the miniatures primed and ready for painting.

"'Tis as dark as the Mines of Moria!"

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