Sunday, February 11, 2007

Painting Project - 15mm Dwarven HOTT Army - Part 6


I like my armies to have large colourful banners, flags and pennants. In the case of this dwarven army, I will have two banner bearers, one for the Hero element and one for the Blade general element. Instead of a straight pole with a flag or pennant, I wanted a cross bar on which would hang a large banner.

I use the equivalent of florist's wire. In fact, most of my wire is scrounged from the occasional bouquets of flowers received by family members. I just make sure to strip the green paper coating from it before use. As a result of this, my wire is never straight. A trick I found was to first cut my wire to the length required and then roll it. Yep, just like you'd roll dough flat with a rolling pin, using the same principle I roll the length of wire flat between a metal ruler and a hard surface like a cutting board. Rolling it back and forth, while applying downwards pressure, will soon make your wire straight.

Once I cut and straightened my pieces of wire I then attached the cross bars to the main poles with cotton. I just wound the cotton around and around where both pieces of wire touched and then fixed the cotton with some super glue.

Here's a picture of the finished poles. I now have to work on the banners to attach to the poles.

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