Monday, February 12, 2007

The Amazing Fly Gun

I work in the city. When I say city, I mean the CBD of Brisbane. I’ll occasionally go for a walk at lunchtime to ogle the new board games in the game stores or browse the books in the book stores. I popped out at lunch time the other day because I saw a recent post on BoardGameGeek (BGG) that Hive was on sale at Australian Geographic stores for only AU$20.00. I know that the Australian Geographic stores normally sell Hive for AU$39.95 so this is a 50% saving. I know this because I bought Hive last year for AU$28.00 when they had it on sale at 30% off.

Australian Geographic stores aren’t specifically game stores, but they do carry the odd game. I was curious to see if they had any copies of Hive left, not to buy, mind you, just out of curiosity. Actually, the thought of buying a second copy of Hive at that price did cross my mind. Hive is one of my favourite abstract games and I love this particular edition which has the gorgeous Bakelite pieces. On reflection, and particularly considering the thought of explaining it to my wife, I decided to refrain from purchasing a second copy.

On entering the store I noticed they only had two copies of Hive left on sale at 50% off. Rather than walk straight back out again I decided to see what other games they had. The only game of any interest was Pounce which was normally AU$24.95 but was also on sale at 50% off. I made a mental note to check it out on BGG that evening.

As I decided to leave, my eyes were drawn to the following item.

It’s a spring-powered fly gun! How cool! The Amazing Flygun is a fun way to kill flies and mosquitoes. At just AU$7.95 the hunter within me couldn’t resist buying it. You push the swatter head onto the barrel of the the gun. This forces the spring back and sets the trigger mechanism. The swatter head is attached by a string to the pistol grip so it's easy to retrieve after a shot. When the trigger is pulled the swatter head launches off with a decent amount of force.

I'm off to hunt some flies!

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