Friday, February 02, 2007

Painting Project - 15mm Dwarven HOTT Army - Part 3


There's not much converting I need to do for this dwarven Hordes of the Things army. The only changes I'll be making are to convert two miniatures into standard bearers. One will be a standard bearer for my Hero element and the other will be a standard bearer for a Blade element. In this way I'll have the option of using either the Hero or one of the Blades as my general.

The only tools I'll need will be a craft knife for cutting away the spear and axe, and a pin vice to drill out the hands to hold the standard poles. For those of you not familiar with a pin vice, it is a tiny hand-held drill and an essential piece of equipment for converting miniatures.

Pin vice (top) and craft knife (bottom)

First up is the standard bearer for my Hero. I cut away the spear from where it was attached to his hand and the base with my craft knife. Next, I carefully drilled out his hand to accept a piece of wire that would be the main pole supporting the standard.

The dwarf with spear (left) and the converted miniature (right)

Next is the standard bearer for my Blade general. Once again I used the craft knife to carefully cut away the axe from his hand and body then used the pin vice to drill out his hand.

The dwarf with axe (left) and the converted miniature (right)

And there you go, a fairly easy operation. I'll now have a bit of a think about what sort of design I want on their standards. Meanwhile, in my next entry the dwarves get a bath!

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